That which is known is not a secret. A secret is never known. Learning when age has passed is futile. The past is undoable, the wise already know it & the young wont accept it. Religious fanaticism is an equatable narcissism. Silence is not the essence of words unless they mean sense. Your only memory is Past. So do not forget thou history. Your evasion reflects your Discomfort. You need to have a clause for your cause and a cause for your clause. Life is inherently cannibalistic. Fail to find your cause and you will succeed in your misbelief. Most women are born persistent. Liking ceases hatred. Not everything nice is true. Not everything true will be nice. Disrespect never leads to enlightenment. Rigidity in rules will shatter the system which applies it. No negation is an indirect affirmation. No affirmation, a indirect negation. Good to be in love; Better still, to confirm if it’s infatuation. Abundance can easily teach you to waste. If history is not past, the present will void future. When you learn, it’ll only be something you never knew. Do not run after tomorrow. Might you tomorrow regret today. Nature is inevitably paradoxic. result is trivial; vital, the process. We suffer misery of others’ tortures cos they were deficient of true love in life. rapacity demeans others. curiosity can mother some of the best discoveries, many of the worst tragedies. Switching lights for the blind wont make them see. Your will defines you. In beauty lies the seed of destruction. You are owned by your desire. Now is the Time. Force, and you will loose. Leave, and you will own. Disappointment definitely teaches. Every tide was once an ebb. Being unbiased is the best bias. You will find your answer when you unravel the reason for your questioning. A good actor is the one who has discovered the art of understanding nature. History is the seed of future. If makeup were to define beautiful, it would imply nakedness is ugly. don’t run. some day you might get tired. Sincerity is directly proportional to maturation. He who doesn’t understand in reasonable chances, probably wont. Sleeps night when dawns the day; for the night rises when the day rests. Key to better inference is good observation. if your God seem to have betrayed your trust. Be your own God. You follow a cult your nation knows nothing of. Thus tradition withers. Caution, you are the author of your book; every word you pick - the chapter. In future, your history will entrap you or liberate you. We are so used to our reflexes that we rarely think and react. When you have answered a lot, you can rightfully question. in every child sleeps an adult. in every adult, sleeps the child. Yes it is a race, and everybody is running. Only problem is, they don’t know where. Secrecy is a close kin of betrayal. Only the uncertain propose certainty. He who can strive against criticism is the strongest contender. That what you do, will come for you. He who cannot respect other religions is a poison to his. Calamity is the mother of diversity. No point regretting if you do not improve. Regret is the strongest apology. Unless you have confronted the sinister you can’t be the saint. You won’t realise until you sense it. In every being sleeps vicious potency to transmute existence. Retrospection is a good teacher. Intelligence can do good; can subjugate. Answers lie in their questions. Existence is if you are. Which is more heinous? To kill or to be killed. What is it that keeps you alive? Your heart or your brain. nothing is new. it was simply not put this way. The fact - you agree to something, implies your knowledge of it. Unless you know what you want, you cannot search for it. somethings we do for ourselves. rest, for others. Chance doesn’t determine worthiness. Diversity would mean we need to have someone like everyone. If you eat the soul out of their body, they will live no more to your aide. You will be remembered for what you do. Every chapter of history was written for the first time. If you can recognise good, you can do good. Refer the experts, the novice. To learn, to improve. Not much difference between fans, fanatics, there is. See to it, When you speak; What you say is a statement. That which you haven’t experienced, you will less relate. He. Actions of whom hinder progression is a traitor. When sex is on your mind, you will see bodies, not people. Enter as no-one. Emerge as someone. Question your question. You shall find the answer. Liberate. Learn. Then conquer your orgasm. And you shall reign. With the common, For you have not sweat sat slept swallowed and sung; You shall show not pity for them. That which begins out of choice, may end up being liked. When you speak a lot, you are heard a lot lesser. Apparently most women are emotional fools. Equally, men the expert exploiters of emotions. That which can define, defy. When you are your wife’s favourite and your wife your favourite, the probability of betrayal subsides. Politics is the perfect circus. Awareness & application are not indistinctive. If you pretend to forget, you actually might. Your hunger will make you see food. Everywhere. Be the best be you can that be. Be not be that what you can not be. You will not fathom crave. For you not have delved the depths deep of deprivation. Liking may instil love. It is nature of nature that it becomes inevitable to part from what we like. Even if it means death. In the honour of our petty disbeliefs, we so often reprimand others’. When you make peace with them, they make peace with you. Humans, however differ from animals. Not everything we believe is worth believing. Not everything we do not believe is unworthy. If you do not listen, someone will have to stop you. Every flower bears a seed. Every seed a potential flower. Anticipation is limited by the perception of experience. Know the balance of life. Else you will be the cause of your disaster. And miss not to tell — that what you feel; Brings it smile to them, if. Mystery is all where you can see. It’s a matter of time when you see. A devotion which annihilates is plainly fatal and sadly futile. It’ll take aeons to reach the pinnacle. However, it may be a matter of moments to slip into the abyss. Regret, remorse, repugnance will undo not, that which is now your memory. You have learnt, if you repeat not, did you what. Do not do something you may regret. Startling is what one does, other doesn’t. If most choose to be a student, some will have to be the teacher. You will trust them - who have convinced you of their rationale. Till you discover - what you discovered wasn’t undiscovered; your discovery would have become stale. There is not much difference between us and spiders. Except, we co-exist. One mans supreme belief is madness for the other. Be the Krishna of your disciple. Be the Arjun of your lord. Bias knows no alternatives. For every step you take, be wise & decide, else you may devastate to extent after which you may never reprise. They will not dislike them, those - who like them. Mostly. You can’t talk about it, if you haven’t thought about it. One chunk of time he spends worrying about future, other regretting the past. Tragedy is, man barely lives in present. Eye is blind to heart as is heart blind to the eye. Use your brain sensibly. If your pace is balanced, you’ll appear to age slowly. Nobody is alike. That is the beauty of life. You have nowhere to hide once you run out of places. When you want a change, stop tolerating what you do not want. When a girl starts taking interest in men, she is a woman. Like the boy who becomes a man when he drowns in women. Quench your quest from the ocean of wisdom as if your thirst were an abyss of darkness. They came, they tried and successfully failed. You are the example of yourself. You are deluded, only till you think you know. Suspicion seeds distrust. You only head upwards from depths. But the only place left once you reach heights, is downwards. Awareness implies sensible application of collective knowledge. Knowledge does not imply awareness. Every there you then go will you thus find the shadows of solitude. where then will you thus go oh traveller. When the sun rises, everybody is shined upon. There has to be mutual love, or there is no love. Every experience is a new fresh blank page where you are the author of its story. Fanaticism, not good. Religious or Scientific. Leaving your tradition for an alien cult denotes you know nothing about yours, insinuates yours is not as worthy. The question is not whose more intelligent, it’s who is the bigger pseudo intellect. Desolation, Isolation, cousins. One can make you, one can break you. Loving yourself is not the problem. Ignoring others is. Man builds the kinds of himself. Be happy about history, you never know what the future might be. Change is the only constant. But there has to be one constant to compare it with. The speed at which people change fluctuates with their degree of honesty. Everybody is deluded. Difference is extent. Persistence eventually will pay off. In every sleep, sleeps a potential of stupendous metamorphosis. What was and What would be are speculations. Do not anticipate that which is non-existent this moment. So is the belief in nothing, as is fanaticism. Dangerous equally. Every moment is the end of itself. Man should be strong enough to secure the woman. Man should be gentle enough to caress her. Not everybody has all the answers. Not everybody has all the questions. One is non existent. When you realise all are alike, you loose your fears. avoid a battle you don’t know to war in. if you satirise yourself, others wont mock you. Its a world driven by harlotry. We adopt and adapt to what convinces us. What you see is not necessarily what you get. The reality of beauty is so distorted, it has distorted the beauty of reality. Desire is not. The problem is deficient control. Threshold reflects composure. The small difference can make a lot of influence. cognise, recognise : is what differentiates few from the rest. Tragedy of man is, man does not see beyond his eyes. When you expect less, no one can hurt you more. If you do it, yet deny it. You disrespect it. That book, chapters of which can not encharm will fail to thrill. The day you cite yourself, you wont need to quote others. When the inside hurts, even the strongest crumble. That which will born out of curiosity will die with it. Every lost generation is a myth for the forthcoming generation. in essence all that a being wants is recognition. Heightened state of awareness is enlightenment. The illusion of love is not Sex. The illusion of sex is not Love. Consummation once kindled, the hunger only increases. We invent the cause of our misery. If you isolate the world, it will isolate you. Every man needs a woman who can empower him. Every woman needs a man who can secure her. You cannot be free unless you have freed your fantasies. Being certain about your certainty is the most uncertain thing to do. The experience of an event enables you to confront possibilities. Sometimes generations are lost in the time taken to decide from the dilemma of doable and the not-so-doable. Insulting others to feel superior is a disrespect to their existence. We live in a society dominated by conditions; deficient of rationale. It’s a sin to let sin be. Absolute perfection is unattainable. It is the degree of tolerance which separates the civilised from an uncivilised society. You will be remembered for your actions, not intentions. You know not bout what you have; You want to know but to what you have not. Most people do things out of fear not love. Religion is like region. Changes as does the taste of water. Until people are educated, religion will know no rationale. Non-conclusive thought is a waste of time. True devotee differentiates no God through caste. For he knows, all are but one. Insult is an implicating variant of false superiority. It is inanimate to not have expectations. To cognise impartial inference, be biased not. Masterpiece is, when you do what you like, not to prove, but yourself. Everybody assumes. The degree varies. Exploitation is, till it’s realised. There is no liberation without education; No education without perseverance. Don’t be blinded by your dedication. You will invite irrationality. When find he nonthe. man will consummate the self; Enlightenment follows observance, retrospection, introspection. If it’s not mutual, it’s probably, exploitation. If it doesn’t pass your way, it’s not gonna happen anyway. When its time; Your inner voice will tell you. The whole world couldn’t be wrong. But it could be. Not best to go by majority or minority. Judge by acceptable rationality. The key is within you. And in dark you seek light; In light, intricate darkness fascinates thou. Hope is the only hope you have. A courtship out of acceptance has increased chances of success. You know, when you think you know it all; You’re mostly alone. If you want an honest opinion, do not ask someone who speaks nice. Itch is, till you rub it. Every action is instigated by your belief system. There’s a storm coming. Question is not how you’d survive it. Question is, how you’d ascend post it. Beauty is merciless. More often than not. It’s the memory of flavour which incites crave. And then we starve. Guilt will kill you before time. Shy not, for thou shall suffer. Expecting something is not the problem. Getting obsessed with your expectation is. Sex satisfies more people than money. Unlearn your illusions and you will rise above the prejudices of dissatisfactions. The reason of declination of respect is humiliation & disregard to the latter’s personal perspectives. People mock what they discriminate, and live with that what they mock. That which doesn’t kill you, hurts you. To make all good, you will have to do bad. At a point of time. The thing about women is, you sprinkle a droplet and they will return an ocean. Literally. Subjectively. Easy or hard; You will learn it either way. But, it’s easier to trick man. All the epitomes of human history were commoners once. Strives there, a ray of hope. Within every being. The creator of our illusions is us. Our experiences influence our definitions. The shining don’t need to swallow. Every discussion, fundamentally, is about the right and the un-right. The youth of a woman is inversely proportional to her care for her family. The only truth is - there is no truth. It is. It is not. Who decides? Your pain not can understand they. For not they feel that way. To achieve sainthood you need to confront the sinister within. The seeker of truth will always remain alone. But the agony of our own wrath, we suffer. Unasked answers rarely are respected. Ease your pace, or your pace will cease you. Pinnacle of friction is orgasm. Inevitability of one is fashion for another. Your experience is painted in your spell. Do not evade the enigmas of your illusions. You will entrap yourself in anarchy. You do what you do, clause because. When the dews drop you will blossom. But will drown then when the rain floods. Often in the biases of our beliefs, we leave behind spectrum of cherishable memories. The reason, often, you don’t find what you want, is, you aren’t searching for the right thing. That which is, with time, will be was. Her life aside, she builds you. When you mature, her respect is your responsibility. You may not get a second chance. Think. You won’t need to justify those who understand you. The rest, they won’t understand you anyway. Vastness has seen diverse flavours of life. If facts were engraved on their brows, we would less judge our men. People will find solace in objects, when substance is lost. You can give, only that what you have. Just because you are entitled the power of doing something, does not mean you should do it. Nobody can stop you from seeing what you want to. It’s not so much about confusion than it is about the neath lying degree of meanness. You can do what people want you to do; Or, you can do what you want to do. Everything is, in essence, manifestation of the system of barter. You see what you seek. The thing about things is, that, over a period of time, you get overt hem. If you haven’t found strong people in your life, it probably is because you have been looking out for the weak ones. You can explain to the one, only so much that he understands. The saddest realisation of life is to realise that you could have made difference, but opted otherwise. Be the master of your choice, not a slave to your decision. For every person in power, at any given time, there’ll be atleast one person who would want him out of power for whatever reason. Your arrogance helps proving two things - worthy / worthless. Time will enlighten how people would have perceived you otherwise. Perseverance reinforces the degree of relative modesty and humbleness. Beauty may blind you, Intellect, however will anyway supersede blindness. What Love Is Not? No matter how somebody looks, a genuine smile will always make them beautiful. Satisfaction used to be a product of inner peace. Now outer assets. Man hates doing what is utmost needed of him at his time and regrets not doing it when he had his chance. It just so happens - happiness is directly or otherwise the by-product of monetary involvement. For most. Don’t pluck an unripe fruit. It wouldn’t be as sweet as it could have been. Suffocate a man at his orgasm and see him distancing from you. The fighting spirit will see its way through the end. Try not to reject a man in anger. The desolation will worsen his agony, morph him into a beast he wasn’t. Ironically our peace loving society has more games where the protagonist essentially aims and kills than try and protect. It’s not so much the subject which is the problem. It’s your guilt and indecisiveness of doing something and not doing the other. The desolate reality of life is to love out of need and crave out of complex. Lets not ride. Lets just dive into the depths of your eyes. And then we will fall in love for once again. Death is all that is, in the end of it all. It is easier to know about enlightenment in a state of indifference. Some fall, some rise in love. Either way, people love to love. Clause love with conditions and see it whimper. Love knows no conditions. Underuse and Abuse both infest corruption. At the extremities of deprivation, man will be a scavangerous undomesticated ogre consummating to the end of himself. It’s not the masters you should be scared of; It’s the slaves whom you should fear. They empower the masters. If you’re able to identify the smart, you ain’t dumb; if you fail to identify the dumb, you ain’t smart. In the process of defining a moment, we often miss the feeling of it. Art is to life, what soul is to body. Irony - people live in a society, but let it be dominated by irrational misconceptions of those who live outside that society. Absolute truth is the personal experience of an individual. For the rest, it’s a mere belief. The only more sad realisation than not knowing something painful is knowing it. Inhibition is the barrier of liberation. In the quest to find perfection, people have lost satisfaction. The truth of life is made evident through the reality of death. profound analysis of disinformation alludes information. There is so much in the world. Yet so less. First, we forget our actuality. Then the rest of our lives, we keep searching our selves. Who seeks everything, finds nothing. Biased unlearning impregnates mythology. Understanding is a manifestation of acceptance. Fortunately, you are the only one who can help you. History, often is a conglomeration of wrenched realms. And research iteratively bolsters this up. Phantasm knows no rationale. Only the wiser so know. Heightened intellect raises the degree of scepticism. Search your self, it will take nothing to find the real you. While, it may take the world to find something else. Nature is relatively simple. It’s a magnified manifestation of the micro, & a miraculous minuscule of the macro. When you don’t react, you become the means to the end. When you react, you become the cause of consequences that follow. Know thy self, before seek the rest, thee. Easiness and dangerous are not so distant relatives. A matter of time, how so. What you seek, does not necessarily seek you. Even love ain’t free. You ought to be worthy. For you don’t like it you will not know it. You will not know it for you won’t try it. Prejudice is an enemy disguised as a friend. The day you will see the abhorrent side of nature, you will see nowhere to seek further than the within of you. It is the anticipation of desire which empowers your hope. Rain Rain Come Again. Wet me once again.. Beauty is merciless. More often than not. Sin is the only karma. Love is not the key to sex, sex not the route to love. You will love it or love to hate it. Either way, you’re gonna love it. Virtual sex is like reading an erotic story, only one which is live and spontaneous. Your future is futile if you do not improve. No matter how far you advance with technology; Eventually you will be relying on technology, not yourself. You can’t deduce pattern from single instance. If your product is good, will sell; Else better marketing. Most ads interestingly idealise their products, but dangerously highlight only what you’d like to see. Marketing is mostly about lying. If not all. First you create roles which do not need to exist. Then you create people for the roles. You can either be limited by your resources or your ideas. Freshness stirs emotions. Doing what you already know does not teach you as much as something you do not. Public is the synonym of power. Sincerity is inversely proportional to exploitation. Don’t think like a god if you are working for a dog. The moment you start taking responsibility, you will stop blaming. Product was the selling point. Now, a subsidiary. When its about the bigger picture, shun your trivial bias. We like the likes of ourselves Whilst knowledge is the biggest enemy, wisdom is the only guardian of man. There is nothing you learnt which can’t be unlearnt. Intelligent advertisement is a tactful exploitation of human emotions. If your next strategy is less effective than previous - reThink. The intention of most inventions is comfort. The determinant is not physical potential, its the mental potency. Good design is not what you like. Its about what others will find useful. It’s ok to not know the right option. But if you rule the wrong ones out, you are right. He who can’t take criticism, shouldn’t be given the authority. All unbiased theories will eventually conclude a similar proposition. If the existing rules restrain evolution, its time to change the rules. Do not be pessimistic. Do not be optimistic. Be real. Be careful with your strategy. That which can empower you, bears the potential to kill you. Choose your words carefully. They define you. Excellent is, till you discover better. Everybody tries to act sensible. On their own level. It’s a matter of time. You will be satisfied or tired. Forget about being big, if you cant face small criticism. Better to be unsure than dumb. Your competition varies inversely to your competitiveness Fashion is a superior way to make you feel inferior. You are your best judge. Desire to do and desire to like it to be done differ fundamentally. The strength of might is in its humbleness. If you are dealing with a human, there will always be a chance to reason. Please forget not, always there. exceptions. You are your own inception. when you think you are right, chance that you will listen are bare The Problem is, They teach you to learn. But forget to tell about unlearning. Everytime you fail you get wiser. Everytime you succeed you become knowledgeable. There used to be substance. Now merely content. Your examples exemplify your bias Comedy is but, reality caricatured. Do not be an option. Be a choice. Two people will agree or disagree with you. One who is aware, other who is not. Till crave is, The world is not going to run out of opportunities. And sometimes the mettle is overshadowed by the biases. Nectar of words is a well calculated Silence. Nevertheless balanced words ornate Silence. Answers depend on the psychology of the questions. Reception is directly proportional to Perception. If they could, they would. we are, but, the learners of ourselves Convince the latter or mute yourself - Only way to keep going. Be wise in employing your knowledge than being mere knowledgeable. negative evolution is devolution. adamant belief could liberate. could devastate. evade the stages of attainment and the result is bound to be a failure. be blinded and you shall successfully achieve the ultimate illusion. The rigidity in rules will shatter that system which applies it. do not confuse user-experience with users’ experience. for every invention - some regret the past, some relish the present and some castigate the future. rest are indifferent. While every generation claims itself to be wiser, its preceding generation sees this as their ignorance. Every time you irk, it instead could have been an opportunity. not everything nice is true. not everything true is nice. less interruption > improved performance > better output let the idea be outstanding. let be not it standing outside. curiosity can mother the best discoveries, worst tragedies. knowledge is not wisdom. but wisdom is seldom without knowledge. Past is your only memory. don’t forget your history. most meetings are systematically planned waste of resources. You can either be result oriented or process oriented. Learn from their foresightedness or your failures. When you hire experts. Do not attempt to do their job. Understanding supplements learning with a meticulous perspective. Empower them, they will empower you. The strongest power is empowering the weak. One thing that is, is change. The only constant. If you do it for namesake, you will be remembered for namesake. Failure is a very important aspect to learn. Disbelief in the system is what rips it apart. There is a fundamental difference between a follower and a leader. One needs an example, other sets one. The seed of idea which bears no fruit is futile; Objectively. To denote priority, it is important to depict differentiation. Now you see, you can see and do it. OR, you can do that which is seen. When you don’t know about the system, don’t comment about the system. Politics is directly proportional to population. Analyst is one who elaborates common sense, mostly. Your right to command is justified, if you can excel at the task. You need to take good care of a Woman and love what you have. Then you need to excite Her. Then she is the one who'll drive you. You are merely the passenger, a stereotype. Choose not change, your words carefully. Intelligence has no definition. Knowledge has no limits. Wisdom, no restrains. Every statement originates for a cause from a clause and subdues into a clause for the next cause. Future is the prediction of historical present. Legend is one who comes before you. Intelligent application of intelligence=Wisdom. When you have too much of something, clearly you have been sincere or you lack substance. Every package comes with its own labels. If something is predominant, implies we haven’t had enough of it. Every new moment makes you wiser than you were in the previous. Your take on the strength of a challenge reflects the degree of your weakness. When you begin to rely on others, you start loosing touch with yourself. Contextually relevant beliefs cannot be mutually exclusive. Whatever the motive, do not undermine morals. There is always an option. Choice is yours. Do not colour your opinions in mass painted pictures. Unbiased observation is not a judgement. Indifference can be a good policy in state of confusion. Okay to Advertise, but take care to not destroy the cultural values. Six triangles may make a hexagon. 6 Hexagons don’t form a triangle. Fashion is a strong statement to conceal your weak assets. Advertisements are successful, if they undermine or make the onlookers feel ignored, underprivileged or otherwise inferior. Mostly. Decisiveness depends on your capability to distil matters in black or white. Just where is the vocabulary going. Like something - Awesome Shit. Dislike - Fucked up Shit. No deviation in plan=goal met. Beware of intelligence. It bears the potential to mislead you in believing you are rather more correct. The velocity of learning is directly proportional to proportion of learning. Difference between dreamers and doers is - dreamers dream on, doers do. Assumption is an integral part of the cognitive process. It gives you the opportunity to think. End what you started. Or it will end you. You cannot motivate them, whom you have demotivated. Not easily though. Make sure, those who work on your outsourced tasks, have equatable standards of work environment. Of the likes, there are two types; Some who’d learn from experience of others; Others who experience byself. Sometimes disruptive actions are important to renovate. Business often regress due to their stringent policies. Your specification is not specific enough if it comprises the term etcetera. Your reality is indirectly proportional to your virtuality. And there is no lock without a key; Whilst no key is orphan. Questioning implies a lot needs to be learnt, Still. That is the challenge, to challenge yourself. If you know nothing about the solution, you’re adding to the problem. If this didn’t work, that could. Just cause you’re investing money doesn’t make you the expert on the subject. Funny thing about people is, they hire experts, and advise them how to do the job! Do not ignore the potential of any probability. Brainless sport leads to a sport-less brain. In the end, it’s all about trying. Implementing technology as rapidly as it advents, fosters progress. Progress is indirectly proportional to corruption. If you’re delivering something, it better be upto the mark. Or you rather not. If you give them the tools, they will play. When the other person thinks you are arguing, it’s time to stop discussing. Normal is what is acceptable to us; by our definition. Ideating something out of nothing is worth paying for. It’s not just about the product. Your service & users’ experience makes it more than just it. We all have the same departments. What’s different is, how we make use of them. To be a role-model, you need to be the first one. Nobody will fend for you, in the end. An overworked system will crash anytime. When you let, they will exploit. Everything is. Our perception filters our choices. Amount of complication is directly proportional to the number of mediators involved. It is better to say no and not do, than say yes and not do. Exposure is the exponential factor of experience. Not necessarily age. Irony of our lives, animated movies are striving to perfect real effects, whilst real movies get animated more so. improvisation in concurrence with development hampers the rate of its conducive progress. The quality of output is proportional to the quality of the input. A system where everything is available for everybody is not sustainable. Now there are two kinds of bosses. One who fires before he thinks; Other who thinks before he fires. Build a team you do not need to monitor. That way you will not need monitors to monitor. Your arrogance helps proving two things - worthy / worthless. Time will enlighten how people would have perceived you otherwise. You do not become great by reading books. You become great through your actions which are worth writing about. No two cooks can roast a toast simultaneously. A recommendation is far superior than an advertisement. Imitation seldom leads to greatness. Read not to learn and follow, but to understand and improvise. You are better off without an instrument you know not much about, than having and not knowing how to play it. A proposition not concluded by yourself cannot convince you. The beauty of calculation is, if you get it right, you conclusion wouldn’t get wrong. Regret, remorse, repugnance will undo not, that which is now your memory. you have learnt, if you repeat not, did you what. Art is to life, what soul is to body. A country is only as slow as its people. Impartial research is essential for bonafide rediscovery. Conclusion may be derived through multiple approaches. Knowledge is the only limit. Efficient learning roots from the unbiased process of unlearning. Mystery has its charm till unknown. Nonthe can teach you, unless you want to learn. Nothing you say would be unheard if its worth listening. On the journey to liberation, your best companion is feeling, intelligence your worst adversary. On the journey of finding yourself, you will have to let go off the notion of what society terms as being successful. If you think you know. You are deluded. The latent turbulence of silent waters that subjugate your entropically tranquil brain to thrill in chaotic skepticism often borns a perception so devastating - it enthrallingly strangulates your will to die; strangulates your will to live. what is to be, will be. nothing in your power can change it. Then will rise your desire to delve down your emotions. Your love will become the cause of your hatred. indifference should not be confused with rudeness. not to be confused with liking. death is the beginning of a new life. And - A new life is the beginning of death. Silence is the stillness of time, while silence of time is what you know as Stillness. dance to the music of life & you will forget the sorrows of dark. Let fly. Fly, fly and then fly. It is this flight of factuality we have somewhere down deep lost touch of. and when play the tunes of strings - sways the heart swing swap scoop. surrenders to the serenity of sanity. If it connects with you. You will accept the irrational. re-discover, the faith of life. Tranquility is the nectar of silence. drop. dribble. drizzle. and in this rivulet of bliss let us dazzle. If you see, dirty talking is not so much about it being dirty, per se, as much it is about candid confrontation. When what you say is not disagreeable, what you will say will be agreeable. and in the moment of your silence & my admiration of your presence, let us glide beyond far the animosity of this world of ruined affection. it is after all, the one moment of your memory, my memory. our memory. The memoirs of the future... and played the syllable of the piano. then there was standing i. was there the swaying past me door in its loneliness. swinging and lost in the sound of chimes which lamented in longing of your fragrance.. .. . . . Do not say anything if you have nothing to say. If in your recital, majority is one gender, do not mis-take it to be you're good. Chances are, crowd is more into attraction than performance. i used to be sceptical, now i am unsure. i used to de-fine, now i am fine. The presence and the absence of a woman makes a man wise. Wisdom often supersedes knowledge. Men are more knowledgeable than Women; However eventually, Women easily triumph over Men. We are. The creators of our universe. familiarity is the difference determining the preference between two strange choices. When it comes to ourselves, it's mostly about us. Every seed ripened today has to rot tomorrow. When you pour water into the sands, the sand wettens; the water dries. nobody can ask a question, answer of which they don't have. what is it that seeks thou oh Master of Slaves? what is it that seeks thou oh Slave of Masters? do Not go Subjective; do Not go Objective. And is everybody desirous of touch. Desirous of care. Concern and comfort. Everybody longs to be liked. Lured and loved. For everybody is deficient of just about the same – Acknowledgement. Two things are easily hard for most. too Simple, too Complex. Substance, find. if you cannot convince, do not confuse. you might loose their faith. better to not understand than misunderstand. more you Understand, less you Speak. Decency is respectful concern for others comparative preference. Silence is the strongest successor to its most powerful predecessor, Word. It is through the retrospection of our infliction of agony, we learn mannerism and sense of respect. And so said he, when you are thirsty you go to the oceans that satiate. But when the sea is desirous of answers in your longing, whom does it go to? dawn and dusk are almost similar. Reprisal and Withdrawal, is what a woman and man consequent with after long standing torment. Driving factor itself could bar you. Barrier itself could become your driving factor. Torment teaches you the facts of life. We are our own history. A child borns with faith. We teach him to distrust. It marks a new beginning, the end of every chapter. and, when the time is, nothing will stop it. Profound regret is the ultimate penance for absolution. A nation as mighty as yours, should infuriate at pseudo-nationalists. It is hight time to unblind your eyes and read between lines. Consequence of suppressed oppression will be reprisal. Demand is inversely proportional to logic. Logic directly proportional to money. Neath the Good, lies subjugated Evil. There will always be something no one ever knew. certainly, uncertainty is most certain. certainly, certainty is most uncertain. You will be welcomed as a guest, if you do not mistake the guesthouse as your house. Eventually you may realise, you forgot to live... but it will be late to repent. and, That which fascinated you yesterday Will become a question tomorrow If unresolved this day. most who promise "Forever", change. and in the moment of your silence & my admiration of your presence, let us glide beyond far the animosity of this world of ruined affection. In the end, every being feels the need to nurture the notion of love. No one borns saint, they encarve their own incarnation. Immortality is till you are. The best thing about living alone is, it increases your pain threshold. Man shall eat what he finds. it is only a matter of time what he eats. Nothing that we say is irrational. For us. if everything in your life happened the way you wanted, you would curse life for being so dull. What is then left. When then they needed you and you then left... With a smile, or with a cry. But you will accept the reality of life. Our perception of reality is so distorted, we mistake illusion for reality. Paradoxical irony is, Every truth you can relate with in reality, you might "Like" in the virtual world. But in Reality, you might not like most of them. It has to be mutual love. Or there is no love. No one sees harm in what they do. Excellent is only till you discover some better. and what do you want to stand for. fake followers. hollow philosophers. decaying falsifiers. what is it that you want to live for. venom. serpents. slayers. Life is but, a faction of your fantasy. actuality is not about pessimism. It's neither about optimism. It's an insult. To question the wise. To not question the unwise. There is no secret of life you won't know if you drink the nectar of your silence in your own company. When under an obligation, You do not have a right to question. You should only dare to request. your God is you. Acceptance cannot grow stronger Unless you reject Your subjective object altogether. man is the power, strength of whom is a woman. That which cannot be seen will not bother. if you do not live for what you think is right you will live for nothing that is right. Religion is like a region. It segregates, separates, distinguishes and differentiates people in terms of caste creed race prejudice language traditions conventions. Even humanitarianism. Your first language is your National Language. Your second language is your Regional Language. Your third language, your Mother-tounge. You are free to prefer any additional language(s) after you excel affluence in these. A sensible wont be offended. The intelligent, hardly not be offended. If the existing rules restrain evolution Its time to change the rules. Every day has a night. Every night, a moon. But it's usually about the perspective of our perception, which makes us choose what we may. There's always a choice. there then when you may see nonthe, come to me.. i will take you the abode of immortal love and sensuality... And nor does the painter need eyes wide open to spell the vibrance of buoyancy. As does the musician interlude brows to moment of elation whilst alluring the ears entranced. Doth need, neither, the sculptor to see the bosom of lady lavish lying aboard to sculpt the serenity of the texture supplely subtle. For the writer not need glimpses of light bright white penning what is penned that lives thus ever for. Because that which gives you life can kill you, You better choose to be wise whilst choosing to choose what you choose. For once your life begins, days to count down to your death may follow in. The day you become nonthe, You will become all. Everyone is gonna opine. Its gotta be you who has to see through this mist of tellings. Who has to be unbiased bold strong staunch and soulful concurrently. Truth is like the bitter butter you jam up your toast to taste the test of times. Whichever branch you are, in the end, you are the sprout of the same tree. a lot of people think of what & how love should be. few know what it is not. what you seek, does not necessarily seek you. & the moment you accept this without grudges, will be at peace. In search of the absolute we disregard the momentary melodies of life. On the quest to find perfection we choose to chuck the beauty of imperfection. Don’t remember those who weren’t there, for you, when you needed them most; do not forget those, who were, when there were none. Barely one, of the most you know, will withstand the test of time. Generosity, indirectly, often incites misuse. Censorship only more so evokes the suppression. Censorship handicaps the ability to segregate facts from fiction. Censorship is an arrangement, where hypocrites strive to delude the rest through deviousness. When you prioritise undeserving people, they’ll easily shove you down their priorities. Every relation is an accumulation of intertwined expectations; if you pursue your will, fail to meet the anticipations, or even choose to not enact, you will only end up hurting all. Yourself included. Do you despite think, you are free? You can only please people till you abide by them. Only time will substantiate the true essence. The best might not necessarily be the most popular. The popular may not always be the best. Knowledge without experience leads to partial learning.

© Abhishek Jain
1984 - Now